I have been a patient of Dr. Barron’s for 18 years, and in that time he has shown himself to be a brilliant surgeon, a compassionate doctor and caring individual. Dr. Barron’s concern for his patients is unparalleled and exceptional. His demeanor is kind, warm and professional. He is also imbued with a genius for giving injections that are entirely pain-free, no small feat. I cannot recommend Alton Barron highly enough — he is sui generis.

“Brilliant surgeon”

Dr. Barron is absolutely the best surgeon!  I was new to Manhattan and was the luckiest person to have the ER recommend him when I broke my elbow at Columbus Circle.  He takes such good care of his patients.  He listens, answers all questions, and discusses all treatments.  I would highly recommend him!  The results of his surgery are amazing – he had my elbow back to normal in such a short time.  He is so positive and compassionate.

“Dr. Barron is absolutely the best surgeon!”

I have been in pain for over a decade. I no longer am. Dr. Stieber changed my life.

“Dr. Stieber changed my life”

I am so grateful for your help–I wouldn’t be progressing towards a brighter future otherwise.

“I am so grateful for your help”

Thanks for putting me back together.

“Thanks for putting me back together”

Thank you for working wonders and giving me my mom back. I cannot thank you enough.

“Thank you for working wonders”

You operated on my spine and enabled me to walk again — which is no small thing. I want you to know that even though a year has passed (88 in my case). I will remember you not only as a fine surgeon but as an impeccable dresser and a real nice guy.

“You operated on my spine and enabled me to walk again “

This is to express my sincere gratitude to you. May the good Lord richly bless you for the wonderful thing you have done for me. May you live long so that you help others as well.

“This is to express my sincere gratitude to you.”

From your ability to communicate complicated MRI images and medical jargon in a way that made perfect sense to me, to your honesty and candid demeanor, to your ability to empathize, and obviously your extraordinary skill as a spine surgeon…

“Your extraordinary skill as a spine surgeon”

This time last year I was in so much pain I could not enjoy the holidays with my family. You have changed that for me this year. Thank you is not enough. When I walk down the street and I realize I have walked more than two blocks without pain, I thank God and you, I feel great, you are the BEST!

“I thank God and you”