Dear Dr. Glickel,

Thank you for fixing my finger! For nudging me when I needed nudging, for listing your credentials to me 48 hours before surgery and ordering patience in my recovery.

Being able to wrap a package, bake an apple pie, and write a letter again with ease has changed my entire mood.

Enjoy my rather odd CD. It is all songs about flowers. Don’t forget to read the insert!

With gratitude!

“Thank you for fixing my finger!”

He was friendly, efficient and caring. I felt relaxed and comfortable immediately.

“I felt relaxed and comfortable immediately.”

Good bedside manner, quick turnaround and overall I really enjoyed my experience and would recommend Dr. Cohen to others!

“I really enjoyed my experience”

I love Dr.Cohen. He put me at ease immediately,with his friendly disposition,and great smile. He is approachable,down to earth, and listened to all my concerns.Very caring.

“I wish Dr. Cohen could treat me for all my ailments!!”

He (Dr. Cohen) is a warm, friendly doctor who is focused and thorough.

“Friendly doctor”

Dr. Catalano is a very knowledgeable and caring physician. He is also a very good surgeon: he operated successfully on two of my fingers and called me the day after the surgery to find out how I felt. Although he does not accept anymore my secondary insurance (not his choice!), I would not want to deal with any one else.

“Dr. Catalano is a very knowledgeable and caring physician”

He’s (Dr. Cohen) the absolute best

“He’s the absolute best”

Dr Cohen is wonderful!! Fun and easy going, he still remains thoughtful and engaged.

“Dr Cohen is wonderful!!”

We are just past the 2-year mark since you repaired my left wrist. Both my wrist (+ my left elbow) are working perfectly. I wanted to thank you and your team again for doing a wonderful job!

With best regards,

“Thank you and your team again for doing a wonderful job!”

Dr. Cohen is an excellent surgeon, has a great sense of humor and is conservative in his approach to surgery. One minor human flaw might be that he gets slightly irritated if you ask about multiple problems as opposed to focusing in on the one that you came in for. That being said, I would return to him for any shoulder surgery. He’s a very nice person and a wonderful doctor.

” Dr.Cohen Excellent Orthopedist “