Nellie’s Review

Dr. Stieber! I have no words to thank you enough. Thank you for changing my life. God bless you, your hands and your family. I’m so happy God put you in my way. You are the best surgeon in the world.

“Thank you for changing my life.”

Dr. Cohen is warm, caring, and professional. I had no doubts about his competence. He’s very honest and would not recommend surgery unless absolutely necessary. I did not feel rushed at all, ad the staff could not have been more pleasant and helpful. His new office on Madison Ave. is pristine and beautiful! I highly recommend Dr. Cohen.

“A Wonderful Experience”

A good friend recommended Dr. Catalano. Although appearances should not color the feeling about the doctor, the office was airy and spotless and quite up to date. Dr. Catalano diagnosed my condition immediately, explained how it might progess, but that probably it would remain the same and there was nothing to worry about. He was friendly and personable. As soon as he had diagnosed the issue, he immediately sent a letter off to my internal medicine dr. I would recommend Dr. Catalano highly.

“I would recommend Dr. Catalano highly.”

You are my hero. Thank you is just not enough

“Thank you is just not enough”

Dearest Dr. Glickel

I must thank you for putting me back together so many times. Most of all, I wanted to let you know what a comfort you have been to me. Your care and humanity are what makes you so special to me. I always know whenever you see me, everything will always be okay!

I am privileged to have such a great doctor like you.

As always,

“Dr. Glickel, I must thank you for putting me back together”

Attn: Dr. Glickel + the usual gang of suspects (Drs. Barron and Lomey I presume).

Dear Drs.,

Thanks, again…I am deeply grateful – & damn fortunate – to have people of your caliber to fix me.

Please allow me to buy you a drink.

Truly yours,

“I am deeply grateful”

Hey Doc,

What can I say…?

Thanks for everything! This doesn’t mean that I won’t see you again, of course. But so far, you’ve been terrific. Keep it up!!


“You’ve been terrific”

Dr Barron is a wonderful compassionate Orthopedic surgeon, highly skilled at what he does and I recommend him highly. I should know as I’ve been under his hands three time now.

“Wonderful compassionate orthopedic surgeon”