OrthoManhattan’s Dr. Alton Barron wrote a piece for the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand about the role of music in his operating room, and it’s profound impact on the patient’s experience. Dr. Barron writes:

‘The choice of the playlist has a unique and vital role in my OR. Often, the last question I ask the patient before their procedure is, “What kind of music would you like to listen to during surgery?” Honoring their preference give patients a sense of autonomy, agency, choice, and control when they are about to be vulnerable and “go under.”’

Dr. Barron also speaks to the importance of learning about the patient and understanding that every person differs in what drives them and what’s important in their life. He says:

‘Despite being in practice for over 20 years, I am continually captivated and inspired by people’s stories; what they do, how they live, who and what they love. In addition to diagnosing their medical concern, it is so fascinating to learn what makes someone tick – the Talking Heads, fly-fishing, angel hair pasta with homemade pesto, the banjo, rock climbing. Often their raison d’etre is relationships with loved ones. Patients smile when they talk about treasured others or things that excite them. If I can establish an early rapport, moods lift and concerns can suddenly feel more manageable.’

Dr. Barron is one of our practice’s “Top Doctors.” He sees patients in both New York City and Austin, Texas and is known for being one of the best upper extremity surgeons in the country and his exemplary bedside manner. Read his piece for ASSH in its entirety here.

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