Good posture (think military cadet or ballet dancer), is fundamentally important to our health, wellness and success.

  1. It conveys confidence, fitness and gracefulness to others as we move through the world meeting new people, interviewing for jobs, etc.
  2. It decreases the tension in our necks and upper trapezius (upper shoulder) muscles and in the nerves that leave our necks and travel down our arms.
  3. It helps to maintain the normal spine curvatures and opens our chests to improve breathing.

How do we improve our posture?

  1. Reduce the amount of time spent staring at our smartphones held up against our chests or stomachs.
  2. Do postural retraining exercises such as upright rowing, planks, or pushups.
  3. Look at our posture, not our faces in the mirror and try to look more like a ballet dancer.
  4. Always carry our backpacks with both straps on, the straps helping pull our shoulders back into a better position (but carry TOO much weight).

With these and many other simple actions, you can look and feel much better!