hip specialist in new york

Hip pain is a special kind of pain. It’s both debilitating and frustrating at the same time. Pain may even not even be felt exclusively in the hip – pain also may be felt radiating from the thigh or even the groin area. If you’ve been living with any level of hip pain for any length of time, it’s likely time to see a hip specialist in New York! 

An aching hip can be indicative of a number of things – many of which are dependent on your age, lifestyle, and personal history with injuries. Unlike other ailments, hip pain does not generally improve over time – but it can definitely become more severe. If you’ve been living with hip pain for an extended period of time, it can get worse at any time with little warning. 

Wondering when to see a doctor about your hip? 

If You Don’t Know The Cause

If you’re unsure as to what is causing your hip pain, it’s time to make an appointment with a hip specialist in New York. There’s a wide variety of injuries and conditions that can cause hip pain – it’s vital that you know what is at the root of your hip ailment and what you can do (or not do!) to lower your chance of exacerbating the issue.

If It’s Getting Worse

If you have hip pain that is getting worse over time, get an appointment on the books with a hip specialist in New York! Assuming you know the underlying cause of your hip pain, hip pain that gets worse over time is a sign that whatever the cause, it needs to be treated. Hip pain can get worse at any point, and once it starts deteriorating, it doesn’t always do so steadily – it may deteriorate very quickly with little warning. It’s always better to be safe than sorry – make an appointment ASAP

If It’s Impacting Your Daily Life

If hip pain is holding you back in your day-to-day life, make an appointment with a hip specialist in New York! We love nothing more than helping people get back to doing the things that they love – whether that’s jogging, climbing, or just being able to get around without pain. If hip pain is impacting your daily life and holding you back, make an appointment with a hip specialist today

OrthoManhattan’s staff is comprised of the absolute top hip surgeons around, including Dr. Roy Davidovitch. Dr. Davidovitch was the first surgeon in New York City to perform the minimally invasive Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement (also known as Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement) and has since successfully performed over 5,000 of these procedures, many of them on an outpatient basis.

OrthoManhattan treats a variety of hip injuries and conditions. Whether you need a hip specialist in New York to perform a hip replacement, treat a hip fracture, or a hamstring injury, you’ll find the highest level of care and exemplary bedside manner at OrthoManhattan.

If you’ve recently suffered a hip injury or are getting sick and tired of living with hip pain, make an appointment with an orthopedic hip specialist at OrthoManhattan. We’d love nothing more than to get you back to pain-free living!