Avoid Common Summer Injuries

Summertime often means more people are out being active in the warm weather. However, it is important to take the proper precautions and preparations in order to avoid common summer injuries. In the summer, there is a higher risk of injuries such as heat-related illness, swimming injuries, burns and cuts, sports injuries, and sunburns. Here are a few tips to avoid common summer injuries and roll into fall without a doctor visit. 

Tips to Avoid Common Summer Injuries:

Research your activity and the risks

Research ahead of time. Cardiovascular activities keep us healthy and fit, but there are often common injuries related to hiking, golfing, swimming, and running. Too much of one sport or activity can lead to overuse or repetitive motion injuries. Knowing the risks and common injuries ahead of time can help you avoid those injuries. 

Prep for your activity or sport

Always start a new routine slowly to build up strength and endurance. This also includes a warm-up and cool-down for your activity. Your warm-up should consist of dynamic stretching and light sport-specific activities. This prepares your muscles for exercise and reduces the chances of a sprain. 

After your activity, cooling down with static stretching is good practice. This helps your muscles relax and improve blood flow, leading to healing. 

Listen to your body

If you are participating in an activity or sport, it is important to listen to your body. If you are outside and experience any of these heat-related symptoms, you should stop performing the activity and cool down:
-Extreme thirst
-Vision problems
-Extreme Shortness of breath

Hydrate and rest

During summer months, people often show up at the doctor with a heat-related condition, from mild dehydration to severe heatstroke. Avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration by hydrating before your activity. While outside in the hotter temps, take multiple water breaks and find shaded areas to relax and cool off. After being out in the summer heat, it is important to replenish your electrolytes and rest before heading back out for another day in the sun. 

Switch up your sport or activity

Reparation can lead to common overuse injuries in most sports or activities. Hiking, for example, can lead to patellar tendonitis, hamstring strains, and calf strains. Golfing can lead to rotator cuff inflammation and tears, and golfer’s elbow. During the summer, it is important to switch up your activities to avoid these common overuse injuries by not consistently putting strain on the same body parts. Give those tired muscles a break and switch it up! 

If you were out enjoying the warm weather and something isn’t feeling right, make an appointment. We’d love to help get you back to pain-free living!